Change default language in bash

To change the default language in the bash console (shell, terminal, command line – whatever you want to call it), go to your user home (e.g. /home/username/) edit or make a .bash_profile, and add this line to it:

export LANG=en

For some bizarre reason, our new dedicated server from 1and1 defaults to German feedback, which is really handy when you’re trying to work on the shell!

Update – 2007-02-27: If you have a 1and1 server stuck in German, this solution above doesn’t work properly (it breaks some stuff). I’ve written up a much more elegant solution which does actually work (thanks to Scott from ART).

Apache – Redirect all requests to a single page

We’re migrating servers at work, and I needed to show a single “We’re moving” page no matter what URL was requested. Here’s how to do it permanently, and temporarily:

RedirectMatch permanent .*

RedirectMatch temp .*

Make sure you point to a different domain than the one you’re migrating! 😉

Clean dllcache

To clear out/clean up the dllcache folder within Windows\system32 open up a command line and type the following:

sfc /purgecache
sfc /cachesize=x (where x equals the maximum size, in megabytes, you’d like the dllcache to be. For example, I used cachesize=150)

Samsung Silent Mode

To activate silent mode on a Samsung phone, press and hold the # key (hash, pound). To deactivate it, do the same again.

I found this out after telling my Samsung-loving girlfriend that my Samsung phone sucked because it didn’t have profiles like my beloved old Nokia – at which point she picked up my mobile, pressed #, and rolled her eyes.

“Silent Mode activated” 🙂

Next time I’ll RTFM.