How to: Setup Kismet in Ubuntu 7.04

Here’s how I got Kismet running on Ubuntu on my Asus W3V laptop.

Asus System Recovery Error: “No partition selected”

This is a guide for anyone who receives the “No partition selected” error when trying to run a system recovery on their Asus Laptop.

We are the lifeguards of the Internet

We are the lifeguards of the internet


I just watched the Mind Wide Open video from Cisco’s updated Networking Academy site. For something which only last 50 seconds, it offers a whole lot of inspiration for Academy students and graduates.

When I began the Cisco CCNA program in 2003, all I knew is that I wanted to learn more about Networks. By the end, coupled with my work experience, I had a fundamental understanding, not only of networks themselves, but that Networking affects every business. The skills I acquired are just as applicable to the Stock Exchange in NYC, as they are to the industrial sector in China. Nowadays, all businesses need to exchange and access data through networks of some form or another (after all, the internet is the world’s largest public network). I can work for almost any organisation, in any industry.

I really hope the video inspires students to think more broadly about the skills they’ve acquired and their career options; Last year, during a phone call with Jane Lewis (the CCNA program leader for the UK) she told me that most people who’d finished the CCNA program thought their only avenue was to work for Cisco. It’s not: there’s a whole world out there 🙂

Decrypting WPA with AirPcap in Windows

A step-by-step guide to decrypting WPA with Wireshark and AirPcap in Windows.

Google Analytics: Tracking over both HTTP and HTTPS

Crownhill’s e-commerce website uses Google Analytics to provide some of our tracking metrics (it’s free, so it gives us instant ROI ;)). One major problem I had was that, when the order process moved from HTTP to HTTPS to protect our customer’s credit card details, browsers would throw up a “Mixed content” warning; something which would most likely confuse and, ultimately, scare customers away.

After a bit of digging around in Google Groups I devised a solution to the problem using a dash of PHP. I’ve provided the code below:

To explain a little. Basically, all I’m doing is checking to see what mode Apache is in, then adjusting the JavaScript source accordingly; to ensure that the browser doesn’t present any Mixed-Content warnings to the customer – we certainly don’t want to scare them off! The rest of the Javascript code is exactly the same as Google Analytics gives you; all I’ve done is change the link to the .js file.

Grab the code in a .txt file