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Cisco launches Network Academy Advantage

I haven’t seen Cisco officially announce it on the Network Academy Headlines, but the new NetAcad Advantage website is up. It’s aimed at anyone who’s completed the Cisco Network Academy courses and is looking to further their career and take advantage of their new skills.
This should be great for all the Academy regions that currently … Read more »

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Cracking WEP with AirPcap and Cain and Abel

This video tutorial demonstrates how to crack WEP in Windows using AirPcap and Cain and Abel.
You’ll need:

An AirPcap Tx adapter
Cain and Abel

Note: It is possible to get this working by using the cheaper “Classic” AirPcap, in conjunction with the old 2.0 Beta Tx Drivers for AirPcap, to enable packet injection capability, but this is entirely … Read more »

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Windows XP: Missing Authentication tab

If you’re setting up 802.1x on your Network connection but can’t see the Authentication tab, make sure the “Wireless Zero Configuration” service is running.

Start > Run… > services.msc
Find the Wireless Zero Configuration service.
Right click on it, and choose “Start”.

The Authentication tab will then appear on your Network connection properties.
Yes, I know. But apparently, to get … Read more »

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Cisco and WiMax

After watching a brief overview of WiMax on ZDnet which touched on Mobile WiMax, I wondered what Cisco might have in the pipeline regarding services orientated around WiMax and, in particular, Mobile WiMax.
Fixed WiMax Potential
Cisco already make point-to-point Wi-Fi bridges that, with a dish and some breaking of the 802.11 spec, can go very far. … Read more »