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“My computer is running slow”

In an interview a while back, I was asked to troubleshoot a Windows XP Laptop. The scenario was pretty simple: A client had reported that their Laptop had begun to run very slowly, particularly when booting; and it was my job to find the problem.
I thought I’d write down my usual procedure for this kind … Read more »

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Increase your Laptop’s battery life with NHC

If you have an Intel-based laptop (Centrino and above) and you’re frequently away from your desk, you might want to check out Notebook Hardware Control. In a nutshell, it’s a Windows application designed to extend your battery life by reducing the power consumption of your laptop’s components.
It does this by allowing you to change various … Read more »

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Upgrading Ubuntu Server from 6.10 to 7.04

Earlier today I upgraded from Ubuntu Server 6.10 to 7.04 from the command line in just a few simple steps:
Make sure we have the latest updates
Check for updates:

Install any updates:

Now prepare to upgrade to 7.04
Install the latest upgrade manager:

Run the upgrade tool for servers:

And everything went smoothly. The only issue I had, was that I … Read more »

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Securely Erasing Hard Drives

Every once in a while I need to securely wipe a hard drive before it’s sold on. To do this I use Darik’s Boot and Nuke. DBAN is a free, bootable application that allows you to securely erase a hard drive so that no one can recover any of the data that’s on it.
Why should … Read more »

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Google adds Draggable Driving Directions

This morning, whilst organising my journey to an interview, I noticed that Google Maps now lets you drag and rearrange the route it specifies when giving driving directions. In the past you had to take the route it decided was best for you, even if your knowledge of local traffic patterns meant you’d never take … Read more »