Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 is out

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 is out

Seems I’m running a little late on this one…

Beta 2 of Firefox 3.0 was released a few days ago (18th of December 2007). I’ve yet to test it…you know how manic things get right before the seasonal holidays!

Things improved in Beta 2:

A nice usability touch from

If you get your password wrong 3 times in a row, automatically takes you to the “send me my password” page.

This is a great usability touch. It’s pretty likely that if you’ve entered your password wrong three times, you’ve forgotten it. Removing the hassle of looking around for the “Forgot your password?” link is a very nice, and welcome, judgement call.

What a fantastic idea

Instead of wasting money on greetings cards which will, ultimately, end up in the bin, Matrix Communications sent out Merry Christmas e-mails and donated the money they would have spent on cards to MacMillan Cancer Support.

Brilliant, and also quite ‘Green’ 🙂


Good Morning Cambridge

Good Morning Cambridge

Taken this morning from my desk at DisplayLink’s office in Cambridge, England.