So what else are they keeping from us?

Yesterday it was announced that Prince Harry had been “secretly deployed” in Afghanistan for the past 10 weeks; his deployment and whereabouts kept secret through a pact between the Ministry Of Defence and the media.

Putting aside the very valid issues surrounding the safety of himself, and his comrades, it really does make me wonder what else is being kept from us via secret “agreements”.

Holiday – Sherwood and Sheffield





I’ve just spent the last week relaxing in Sherwood Forest; and then went from there to Sheffield, to visit my sister over the weekend 🙂

Personal growth wishlist

A few things I’d really like to do at some point…

  1. Learn how to speak publicly.
  2. Become a career mentor, or an IT mentor, or both. (I’m probably too young for this just yet).
  3. Actually get around to reading Getting Things Done (oh the irony).

Maybe I’ll turn this into a WordPress page (rather than a Blog Post) and add to it as more things pop into my head 🙂

Say “No to all” when asked if you want to replace files

This used to do my head in until I found this little tip on Lifehacker.

Picture this: You’re consolidating your digital music collection from numerous locations to a single directory on a networked drive. To save time, you don’t want to replace existing files as these are most likely duplicates, and network transfers are often slow. Unfortunately, when Windows pops up and asks you whether you want to replace the existing file, it gives you every option you’d like apart from the most useful: “No to all”.


To tell Windows “No to all”, hold down Shift while clicking No, and it will apply to all replacements for that transaction 🙂

This will also work when Windows asks whether you want to move Read-only Files or not.


I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to find a valentine’s card that doesn’t make me want to throw up.