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Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies

After cutting out a good 99% of dairy from my diet, I managed to make myself lactose intolerant.
These delicious cookies are not just free from dairy, they’re free from all animal ingredients 🙂
You’ll need…

225 grams of dairy-free margarine at room temperature (1 cup)

Pure, Suma and Vitalite are all Dairy-free margarines.

280 grams sugar (1.25 cups)

Fair-Trade if … Read more »

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Top 20 sites for Microsoft IT professionals

To counter my earlier, tongue in cheek/bitchy post, I’d like to contribute something useful! 🙂
Computer World in Australia has produced a nice looking list, showing the “20 most useful Microsoft sites for IT professionals“.
Microsoft professionals have a lot to keep track of, and a lot of market noise to contend with. That’s why we’ve compiled … Read more »

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Microsoft employing 8 year olds?

You’d think so, judging from this Hotfix Request page.
Notice the wording in this section:

The word you’re looking for is: than, not then.
Come on guys, the difference between then and than is far more than a single letter.

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Control user access to SSH

Got a shiny new Linux box on your network but don’t want all your users connecting to it via SSH? Control access by editing the SSH configuration file and using the AllowUsers directive like so:

To add multiple entries, either separate users with a space, or write an entirely new line:

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Slipstream Project 2003 SP3

How to slipstream Service Pack 3 into Microsoft Office Project 2003
These instructions apply to Project 2003 Standard Edition. To slipstream other versions, you’ll need to replace PRJSTDE.MSI with the name of the MSI for your Project Edition.
You’ll need a Volume Licence Key setup CD.

Save to C:\project2003\
Download Project 2003 SP3
Extract its contents to C:\Project2003SP3\ with:

Perform … Read more »