Windows XP SP3 available from Microsoft Technet

If you have a Technet subscription, you can get early access to Windows XP Service Pack 3 from the Technet Subscriptions page. Scroll down the page and look for the grey “Top Downloads” section.

I’ve been running it for a few days now and haven’t had any problems 🙂

If you don’t have a Microsoft Technet subscription – which I highly recommend – you can probably find a direct download link around somewhere.

Top 10 most controversial adverts

The BBC has a run down of the top 10 most complained about adverts running in the UK throughout 2007.

Most of the complaints are plain daft and over sensitive. Seriously guys, chill out…

When is a Security Guard not a Security Guard?

When is a Security Guard not a Security Guard?

When they’re a Loss Prevention Officer!

(Yes, I’m aware there’s probably differences; this is just for fun :P)

Some of the best parking I’ve ever seen

Smart Car parked in Cambridge side-street

A Smart Car, neatly parked down a back street in Cambridge, UK, close to DisplayLink’s UK office. Taken this morning, although I’ve seen it parked like this a few times during the week 🙂

Flickr Link

New Vostro Laptops from Dell

Dell has just launched a few new smaller, lighter Vostro laptops. If you’re not familiar with the Vostro range, they’re aimed at smaller, budget-conscious businesses and provide good value for money – while sacrificing some of the looks of the more expensive Latitude range. We bought a few Vostros a while ago at work and general feedback has been good, though lately we’ve been buying Latitudes.

Check out the new models