How do you settle on a notebook supplier for your Company?

I’m curious about this. How does a company come to settle on a specific brand or specification of laptop – or any PC for that matter?

Lately, I’ve gone for Dells, as they make it nice and easy. I can call or email my account manager, give him a base unit reference from their website, ask for a number of changes (“I want a spare power adapter, an x res screen and a y size HD instead”) and they do it all for me, and, more often than not, get me a quote within an hour.

So far, I’ve found it hard to find that flexibility and convenience. Unless I’m missing something/someone…

So the question is…

Everyone: What brand machines does your current company use?

IT Pros: Which brand(s) do you buy for your company PCs, and more importantly, why?

By Phil Wiffen

Phil is an IT Professional working in Cambridge, England. He generally blogs about useful solutions that he comes across in his work/play.

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I like using Dells for the same reason, except I prefer to spec them out on the web site, and I get a price immediately. In fact, the biggest drawback I have found with Dell is that they then assign you an “account manager” who will then review your orders–and this has happened to me when I worked for two different companies–the account manager will do you the favor of CANCELLING an order and not tell you if you order a second laptop within a day. A week or two later you only get one laptop and have to escalate with Dell until someone admits that yes, there was an account representative involved, but no, nobody has seen him around today.

Then I start ordering Lenovo laptops . . . but I personally like the Dells better. Maybe you need to make sure you get your account representative’s contact information and shoot them a “heads up” each time you order a computer, telling them not to silently cancel the “duplicate” order on you.


Hey Daniel 🙂

Apologies for not replying sooner – work’s been manic!

My experience with Dell account managers started off pretty rocky, but has improved no end. Our first one never answered her emails or phone, and never called back after I left messages. They also, for no reason whatsoever, changed the delivery address on an important server – delaying it by 2 whole weeks. Our second account manager was fantastic, very enthusiastic and eager to help. I’ve not had much interaction with our third account manager (Our account got “upgraded”), but he’s been incredibly helpful with my unorthodox requests like:

“How much does this unit weigh with these batteries, 1, 2 and 3?”

I’ve found that it’s better to keep your account manager in the loop, as I too have ordered something online and had it held in a state of limbo without any notification.

You should try calling up your account manager and ask them to get you a good price on whatever you’re looking at online. It’s best if you’re not in a rush as it takes longer to complete the order, but I’ve got very nice discounts by just calling them up 🙂

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