Tom’s Hardware takes a look at DisplayLink technology

Just noticed a very comprehensive article from Tom’s Hardware, taking a look at how DisplayLink’s technology works, products that utilise it, and also how we started 🙂

Read: Forget DVI, USB Displays coming.

$100 laptop is to get a revamp

Seems the OLPC project is going to be revamping their XO laptop. Looks pretty good, and cheaper too!

If Geeks ruled TV…

Found this via AskTheAdmin:

Geek TV Guide

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Just realised that the WordPress update I did the other day completely screwed the Sidebar on the site, rendering it useless/unreadable. For some reason, WordPress deleted my old sidebar widget settings and put me back to some default. Hopefully I’ve restored it to roughly how it looked before, but I’ll never know (Grr…).