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DisplayLink tech saves energy over alternatives

Theo’s study on the energy-saving benefits of using DisplayLink technology over discrete graphics cards is getting some good press around the interwebs.
PDF White Paper
Press Coverage:
Everything USB
Just one example of a Monitor with DisplayLink technology embedded is the Samsung SM226UX UbiSync 22

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Ninja cat

Ninja cat comes closer without moving…

A nice bit of fun for Thursday morning šŸ™‚

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Outlook 2007 – how to disable the Hand cursor

How to disable or turn off the Panning Hand cursor in Outlook 2007
If you’re using Outlook 2007 and you have a mysterious “Panning hand” cursor that won’t let you select text in an email, and want to turn it off, but can’t find the option, here’s how:

Click theĀ CustomizeĀ Quick Access Toolbar pull down:

Choose “More Commands…”
In the … Read more »

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Updating BlackBerries to v4.5

So far today I’ve upgraded 3 BlackBerries from v4.2 software to v4.5. One of the more usefulfeatures in 4.5 is the ability to view Free/Busy times on the handheld. It’s because of this feature that I’m rolling it out to key BB users. At the moment I’m doing it manually via USB/Desktop Manager, butĀ I’ll investigate … Read more »