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How to set up Remote Assistance under Group Policy

Easy when you know how:

How to set up Remote Assistance under Group Policy

Automated, Deployable File Synchronization with file extension rules?

I’ve had this recurring nightmare over the past year. How on Earth can we easily deploy a file sync solution for our laptop and desktop users?

Due to our company’s flexibility with end-user’s computers, we have to have rulesets (i.e. do not back up .avi or .mp3 files). Otherwise we’ll fill up our NAS/SAN with useless media files within a few hours 😉

The solution needs to sync between the end-users local computer “My Documents” folder, to their network storage space. And it needs to be able to be deployed in an automated, pre-configured way, complete with scheduling. EDIT: By deployed, I don’t mean exclusively with GPSI. I’m more than happy just running some kind of AutoIT Script or Batch file that installs the software then dumps/edits the config files for the end-user based on env variables or whatever, but it must not require any – or at least minimise – end-user interaction.

I’ve checked out SyncToy and it’s nice, but a complete pain to automate the actual Scheduling “part”.

I’m currently looking at Toucan Backup, but that seems more keen on backing up *everything*, then applying exclusions. I need something that will back up nothing, except what I tell it to.

Any ideas or pointers? I’d greatly appreciate it! 🙂