How to get WMC to play MKV files

How to get Windows Media Center to play MKV files on Windows 7

So I just bought an Acer Revo 3610 so that we can watch MKV files without converting them to MP4 and putting them on the Xbox/faffing around with 4GB file limits etc. The Revo is a brilliant box: cheap, tiny, near-silent and plays 1080p video with no dropped frames. I got mine from Amazon, if you’re curious. They had the best price at the time 🙂

Anyway, back to Windows Media Center. Out of the box, WMC doesn’t recognise MKV files. To get this to work:

1. Download and install Divx 7.
You only need the Codec bits, not the player/converter. This will setup MKV integration into WMC.

2. Download and install AC3 Filter
This will process AC3 audio if your MKV files has AC3 sound (a lot do, so it’s worth installing, otherwise you won’t get any sound)

3. Reboot your PC
4. Log back in, and open up WMC.
5. Ta-daa, you can now view (and hear!) MKV files 😀

Treats damaging your servers

Don’t you just hate it when treats damage your corporate servers 🙁


Spotted on the DrayTek website

Windows 7 – Cannot remove from network bridge

Just had a very weird issue on Windows 7, where I was unable to remove a network connection from a network bridge I’d setup.

The normal way of doing it is described on the Microsoft website. However, right clicking on the network connection had the “Remove from bridge” option greyed out, meaning I couldn’t remove it. I was also unable to delete the Bridge miniport itself from within Manage network connections.

To fix this, we can brute force the removal:

  1. Open up Device Manager
  2. Expand “Network Connections”
  3. Right click on the MAC bridge miniport
  4. Uninstall it

As your bridge has been uninstalled, your connections should now be removed from the network bridge 🙂