I’ve been playing with getting the Gigabyte Brix to Wake-On-LAN.

Most Windows-based tools didn’t work out of the box for me; but after some experimentation with the Depicus Wake on LAN cmd tool, I worked out the information required to wake it up generally.

wolcmd <mac of target> <ip of target> <network subnet mask> <port 8900 or port 7>

For my system, the command was:

wolcmd <mac without punctuation> 8900

Hopefully this is useful for other people to WOL their Gigabyte Brix from any OS 🙂

Note that you must have Erp in the BIOS disabled for this to work. If you enable Erp in the BIOS (which enables super-low power usage) Wake-on-LAN doesn’t function from a powered-off state.