Thoughts on learning-procrastination, and the myth of 10,000 hours

I have a problem. And it’s stopping me from learning.

I’ve swallowed the line that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, and it’s scared me off learning new things.

I am naturally curious. I want to learn, but I put off doing so because I know I’ll never be an expert in that field. So instead I potter around the fringes and play with things half-heartedly.

That was, until I watched this TEDx video: The first 20 hours  (20 minutes)

In it, Josh Kaufman discusses why you don’t need to burn 10,000 hours on a subject, why 20 hours of focused practice is “good enough”, and how to overcome the inertia that prevents you from learning new things in the first place.

It’s well worth a watch, especially if – like me – you’re putting off learning because you’re scared of the amount of effort it’ll take to be good: because 20 hours is good enough 🙂

It’s been a while (Updated my CV/Resume)

So, having been at Broadcom nearly three years, I thought it was about time to update my CV/Resume.

Here it is below, in case you’re curious:

Phil Wiffen, Resume 2014, Web Edition (Updated 2014-07-21)

It took a lot more effort to update than I anticipated. Turns out pruning old stuff (to keep page counts down) and figuring out how to describe your current role takes quite a bit of time 🙂

I suspect it’ll need more work, but I’m a believer in fast publishing and iteration 😉

Free Backup and Storage Fundamentals e-Training from EMC

I somehow missed this until last week, but EMC have provided a nice index of all their free e-training courses on Backup, Storage and Infrastructure management. All you need is a free EMC account to get access.

Subjects include EMC Isilon (Scale out NAS), EMC Networker (Backup and recovery) and ViPR, amongst others! Well worth checking out:

EMC: Free Fundamentals e-Learning Index