An update on the poor customer service from Microsoft Band support

Be warned: this is a Whinge-piece.

I wanted to provide an update on the poor customer service I’ve been receiving from Microsoft UK Support with my original Microsoft Band.

Microsoft seemingly ignored my “escalated complaint” through that I raised in December 2015, so I raised a new service ticket before the 1 year anniversary of my Band purchase, around March 2016. In May 2016, Microsoft got back to me, and then promptly (again) told me that I wasn’t eligible for a replacement because they believe I damaged this myself (I definitely didn’t) and that the damage they witnessed isn’t covered by the warranty.

I have multiple issues with this whole saga, and Microsoft’s behaviour in general:

  1. Accusing a customer of purposely damaging an item is pretty poor form.
  2. Microsoft voided my warranty without even contacting me to understand the damage or allow me any kind of response.
  3. Microsoft rejected my request to refund me or replace my Band with a Band 2, which has been designed to avoid the issues I’ve seen with my original Band.
  4. Microsoft ignored my complaint through
  5. I hate having to use the law, but Microsoft Support seem to be ignoring The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) which states that goods should be as described, of a satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. The Band in my possession, is absolutely not fit for purpose given the wear and tear it’s sustained since I purchased it.

I’ve probably said this before but, I love my Band, and have been a fan of Microsoft for a long time. However, this series of incidents has genuinely sullied my opinion of Microsoft. Shame, really.

My Band, after less than a year of use
My Band, after less than a year of use

I’m joining Citrix

I’m pleased to be able to say that I’ll be joining Citrix in July 2016.

I’ll be moving away from “pure” IT support and into an internal sysadmin/software tester role within the Citrix Interoperability Team. Their job is to regularly stand up the latest builds of the entire Citrix portfolio and ensure it all works smoothly and, if it doesn’t, work to help fix issues so that it does.

I’m looking forward to this for a number of reasons:

  • New Technology: I’ll be learning ridiculous amounts of new technology in complex infrastructure environments (This may surprise you, given the role, but I have almost zero background in Citrix products 🙂 ).
  • Closer to the product: I’ll be moving to an Engineering/R&D department, so will be learning Engineering workflow stuff like Agile and Kanban as well as being more closely involved in the product portfolio and (hopefully) improving it and other’s ability to implement it.
  • Culture: Citrix’s culture is fairly well known, and I was very impressed with the people I met during talks. One thing in particular that really got me was the effort taken to setup and maintain talent pipelines to help feed the organisation – and I admire long term strategy/thinking like that.
  • Mentorship potential: I’ll be shifting roles from one of the most junior staff in an IT org to a more senior role within a team. This excites me a lot, as one of my long-term career goals is to be able to mentor and provide some level of elder leadership/guidance 🙂 .
  • That C word: Oh, and of course, I’ll be doing stuff with Cloud, which is nice.

But what about Broadcom?

Some of you may not know my position, but when Avago acquired Broadcom in February 2016, many in IT were put on “transition”. Effectively we were told we’d be made redundant at various stages throughout the 18 months after acquisition. My position will be redundant in February 2017. If I stayed until then, I’d get a nice pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but I’ve decided that the role with Citrix was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I learned a lot at Broadcom, had some great managers and worked with frankly, a world-class group of global IT professionals who’d gladly throw themselves under a bus to help each other and the business to succeed. I wish them all well for the future, and I’d gladly work with any and all of them again (and who knows…)