Apache – Redirect all requests to a single page

We’re migrating servers at work, and I needed to show a single “We’re moving” page no matter what URL was requested. Here’s how to do it permanently, and temporarily:

RedirectMatch permanent .* http://yoursite.com/migration.html

RedirectMatch temp .* http://yoursite.com/migration.html

Make sure you point to a different domain than the one you’re migrating! 😉

Clean dllcache

To clear out/clean up the dllcache folder within Windows\system32 open up a command line and type the following:

sfc /purgecache
sfc /cachesize=x (where x equals the maximum size, in megabytes, you’d like the dllcache to be. For example, I used cachesize=150)

Samsung Silent Mode

To activate silent mode on a Samsung phone, press and hold the # key (hash, pound). To deactivate it, do the same again.

I found this out after telling my Samsung-loving girlfriend that my Samsung phone sucked because it didn’t have profiles like my beloved old Nokia – at which point she picked up my mobile, pressed #, and rolled her eyes.

“Silent Mode activated” 🙂

Next time I’ll RTFM.

Innocent thumb drives?

Note: This was written a few months back. Unfortunately I forgot about it, and never published it until today.

How many times have you seen a misplaced USB flash drive, or any other removable media (CD-ROM, floppy) and just plugged it into your PC to see what’s on it or to find its owner?

An article over at Darkreading highlights the dangers of rogue thumb drives, and the potential effects are pretty enormous. I wonder how many corporate secrets like product development plans have been silently stolen using methods like this?

Of course, now this brings into question whether or not to allow USB devices to be used in companies. Restricting employee freedoms and tying them down more and more could affect morale (I know it would me…not being trusted enough). I wonder if you could restrict Windows to only allow authorised USB MSDs…

Asus W3V won’t resume from Hibernate

Problem: After installing Hardware drivers from Windows Update I found my W3V would not boot up from a hibernated state. The progress bar appears to finish, but windows never loads the GUI.

Solution: Turns out, the LAN drivers Windows Update installs mess with the power management features on the W3V, preventing it from successfully booting from a hibernated state. You should re-install the Asus LAN Drivers from here: http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us