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Signal vs. Noise

It’s a title that may need a little explanation.
Lately, work and life have been a bit crazy and I’ve had very little time to blog anything of merit. I began to experiment with twitter to post short updates on things. then as time got more constrained, my twittering increased and blogging floundered.  At this point, … Read more »

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Reaching for the stars is easier when you’re in a rocket

The more I see and hear about the various projects that are going on inside DisplayLink, the more exicted I get about what we’re doing, and where we’re going to go.
The vision of some of the people in this company is phenomenal, and I’m proud to be along for the ride.

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A TV that can play from USB Mass Storage devices

The more I play video content from a USB stick on the Xbox 360, the more I want a TV that can play content directly from a USB Mass Storage Device.
Surely it can’t be that hard? I’m thinking possibly something like a tiny Linux distribution embedded into the TV, something akin to the “Instant Play” … Read more »

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Closing Comments on AirPcap tutorials

This is a tricky one.
I have decided to close the AirPcap posts to comments.
It’s been nearly a year since I began blogging about CACE Technologies’ AirPcap adapter, and over 6 months since I last touched an AirPcap adapter. The posts are now pretty stale and I haven’t kept up with developments in Windows WEP Cracking, … Read more »

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Chocolate Chip Vegan Cookies

After cutting out a good 99% of dairy from my diet, I managed to make myself lactose intolerant.
These delicious cookies are not just free from dairy, they’re free from all animal ingredients 🙂
You’ll need…

225 grams of dairy-free margarine at room temperature (1 cup)

Pure, Suma and Vitalite are all Dairy-free margarines.

280 grams sugar (1.25 cups)

Fair-Trade if … Read more »