What a fantastic idea

Instead of wasting money on greetings cards which will, ultimately, end up in the bin, Matrix Communications sent out Merry Christmas e-mails and donated the money they would have spent on cards to MacMillan Cancer Support.

Brilliant, and also quite ‘Green’ 🙂


OpenOffice Save As .doc by default


To get OpenOffice to Save in Microsoft Word .doc format by default, follow these steps:

  • Tools > Options
  • Load/Save > General
  • In the bottom right of the window, look for “Always save as” and pick your poison 😉

I know that saving in a proprietary format over an open standard is bad practice, but sometimes in Business you need to maintain interoperability with the de facto standard; in this case: Microsoft Word.

OpenOffice Save As .doc by default

[email protected] and Cisco on Cisco: Two great IT resources

Two great resources for IT Professionals from two of the largest IT companies in the world: Intel and Cisco.

[email protected] and Cisco on Cisco are mini-sites designed to showcase how each company handles and deploys their IT internally, with emphasis on best practises and Return On Investment. Check them out:

Adding Calendar functionality to Mozilla Thunderbird

In a business environment, people who switch from Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird often miss having the calendar/task features in Outlook. Fortunately, you can add Calendar and Task functionality to Thunderbird with the Lightning add-on.

  • Go to the Lightning download page
  • Right click on the download link and Save As… (If you don’t, Firefox might try to install the add-on itself.)
  • Open up Thunderbird and click on Tools > Add-ons
  • Install the Lightning file you just downloaded
  • Once you’re done, restart Thunderbird, and start using your new Calendar feature!
  • If you need Holiday calendars, you can get them here

PHP: Making Credit Card Numbers Human-Readable

If you’ve ever tried to enter a 16 digit credit card number all in one blob, you’ll know it’s hard. To make life easier for the person responsible for processing online credit card orders, I needed to split up the credit card number and insert a space every 4 characters.

I’m not very schooled up on RegEx, and after spending ages searching for how to do it, I came across this:

echo implode(' ',str_split($credit_card_number,4));

Hopefully it saves someone else some time!