Automatically download every hotfix released for Windows XP since SP2

Automatically downloading hotfixes since XP SP2

To automatically download every hotfix released for Windows XP post Service Pack 2, just run this script. [Source site].

You’ll probably want to drop wget into your system32 directory before running the command, otherwise it’ll try to use your browser to individually download the files.

Once the script has finished, you can then integrate the hotfixes into your XP SP2 source and burn a bootable ISO using something like nLite. I’ll cover more options for integrating hotfixes in a later post.

The reasons for wanting to integrate post-SP2 hotfixes are numerous; but mainly, it saves time (using both WSUS and Microsoft Update take a while), and, overall, makes for a cleaner install.

It took me ages to find this via Google, so much kudos to Ross Smith for creating such a useful script. Thanks Ross!

Windows Live ID fails to do its job, wastes my time

Until about 10 minutes ago I used my colleague’s Windows Live ID passport to get our Volume Licence stuff. To make things easier, I just signed up for my own Live ID using my address, and then filled out a profile, including things like my name, address, company, job title.

I then successfully log on to eOpen, and add the relevant licences. Then of course I want to download one of the applications, so I click on Product Downloads, and what do I see?


Microsoft Volume Licensing

WTF. I just filled out this information 2 minutes ago. Why can’t Microsoft pre-fill this information based on the information I just gave it! I thought the whole point of ‘Live ID’ passporty-thing was to make single-sign-on a reality and enable the sharing of information from a central repository.

What a load of crap. I really despair sometimes…

See DisplayLink in action on YouTube

DisplayLink is getting some great press at CES, but I think the most useful so far, is this TechWebTV video which not only shows how our technology works, but also helps explain what we do a little better than I ever can!

DisplayLink at CES 2008

A whole bunch of my colleagues from DisplayLink are currently in Las Vegas for CES 2008, showing off some of our cool new stuff. If you want to keep up with what we’re doing, check out our CES Blog. Oh, did I mention you can enter to win a USB Graphics Adapter? 😉

Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 is out

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 Beta 2 is out

Seems I’m running a little late on this one…

Beta 2 of Firefox 3.0 was released a few days ago (18th of December 2007). I’ve yet to test it…you know how manic things get right before the seasonal holidays!

Things improved in Beta 2: