Convert a drive to NTFS without losing data

An oldie-but-goodie; Converting a drive to NTFS without losing data, provided you have enough free space, and an existing FAT32 partition. Probably works with FAT, too.

Run this from a command-line:

convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

Top 20 sites for Microsoft IT professionals

To counter my earlier, tongue in cheek/bitchy post, I’d like to contribute something useful! 🙂

Computer World in Australia has produced a nice looking list, showing the “20 most useful Microsoft sites for IT professionals“.

Microsoft professionals have a lot to keep track of, and a lot of market noise to contend with. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 20 best places on the Web to help you find what you need. The list includes technology-specific sites, worthy bloggers and safe resources to help you pass your next Microsoft cert or training course. Plus we’ll reveal places for trustworthy free Microsoft software and the best sites to help you stay on top of the voluminous amount of news churned out by, and about, the folks in Redmond.

Read the full article at Computer World

Does anyone have any other sites they’d recommend to fellow IT Professionals?

Sysinternals Utility Pack

Sysinternals Utility Pack

Ever wanted to download all of the fantastically useful Sysinternals tools in one go? Well, now you can. Mark Russinovich has created a bundle pack which includes all of the Sysinternals tools in one single Zip file.

Download the Sysinternals Utility Pack

[Found on Desktop-Engineer, when I was looking for something else entirely 🙂 ]