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RAID on Linux with USB devices

Whilst studying for the Linux+ Exam just now, something hit me. If you ever run out of SATA/PATA ports on a system, you could just add more drives on the USB bus. this would be nice for the new RAID5 set up. Granted there’s the physical space/storage issues, but it’s still properly accessible storage. I … Read more »

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Free Enterprise Search

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that I recently setup an Ubuntu box running Samba with a 2.7TB Raid5 array. Its job is to replace one of our 300GB Dell PowerVault 715N NAS boxes which has become full.
Finding files on our previous 300GB PowerVault was nothing short of a nightmare and, with such a … Read more »

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RAID-5 in Ubuntu with mdadm

Couldn’t really find anyone who’d documented setting up a RAID 5 array with Linux and mdadm, so figured I’d jot down the method I used in Ubuntu 6.10. It basically boils down to four commands (I am assuming you have a fresh install):

To explain a little:
The first command installs mdadm.
The second command creates the raid … Read more »

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1and1 dedicated server: change German language to English

Our 64-bit 1and1 Dedicated Server shipped with German as the default language on the CLI. Dead handy when you’re trying to troubleshoot…

See the comments section for a much more elegant solution to this problem.

I thought I’d found a solution by changing the Bash language but it broke some stuff (including yum) so I went back … Read more »