Sysinternals Utility Pack

Sysinternals Utility Pack

Ever wanted to download all of the fantastically useful Sysinternals tools in one go? Well, now you can. Mark Russinovich has created a bundle pack which includes all of the Sysinternals tools in one single Zip file.

Download the Sysinternals Utility Pack

[Found on Desktop-Engineer, when I was looking for something else entirely 🙂 ]

Say “No to all” when asked if you want to replace files

This used to do my head in until I found this little tip on Lifehacker.

Picture this: You’re consolidating your digital music collection from numerous locations to a single directory on a networked drive. To save time, you don’t want to replace existing files as these are most likely duplicates, and network transfers are often slow. Unfortunately, when Windows pops up and asks you whether you want to replace the existing file, it gives you every option you’d like apart from the most useful: “No to all”.


To tell Windows “No to all”, hold down Shift while clicking No, and it will apply to all replacements for that transaction 🙂

This will also work when Windows asks whether you want to move Read-only Files or not.

TrueCrypt 5.0 released

TrueCrypt 5.0, the open-source, multi-platform encryption suite, is available for download. New features for Windows include improved write speeds (up to 100% improvement) and Full Disk Encryption. They’ve also released a long-anticipated Mac OSX version 🙂

Why did I embolden Full Disk Encryption? Because UK companies and Government organisations are losing laptops left, right and centre – without encrypting their sensitive contents. As an IT Professional, you’d be crazy to not be investigating the various options for keeping your company’s data safe, in the event of loss or theft.

Check out what’s new in TrueCrypt 5.0.

Automatically download every hotfix released for Windows XP since SP2

Automatically downloading hotfixes since XP SP2

To automatically download every hotfix released for Windows XP post Service Pack 2, just run this script. [Source site].

You’ll probably want to drop wget into your system32 directory before running the command, otherwise it’ll try to use your browser to individually download the files.

Once the script has finished, you can then integrate the hotfixes into your XP SP2 source and burn a bootable ISO using something like nLite. I’ll cover more options for integrating hotfixes in a later post.

The reasons for wanting to integrate post-SP2 hotfixes are numerous; but mainly, it saves time (using both WSUS and Microsoft Update take a while), and, overall, makes for a cleaner install.

It took me ages to find this via Google, so much kudos to Ross Smith for creating such a useful script. Thanks Ross!

Recover your lost Windows Key

Keyfinder allows you to retrieve license keys from Microsoft Windows and Office

If you’ve lost your Window License Key, and it’s not on the side of your machine, you can retrieve your key by using a little application called Keyfinder, by Magical Jelly Bean. You probably want to grab the 2.0 beta, as 1.5 is a little old and doesn’t support the latest operating systems.

In addition to retrieving keys for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003, and Vista; Keyfinder also finds keys for Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007.

For Small Business IT guys, as an added bonus, you can easily change your Windows key from the Tools menu. Handy if you’ve accidentally installed two PCs with the same license and need to change one (without having to re-install).

Download Keyfinder from Magical Jelly Bean