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Virtualization Home Lab: Setting up VMware ESXi on the Gigabyte Brix

2013-09-23 00:27: Added information about ESXi 5.5 not including RTL8111E support
2013-09-23 22:23: Added a link to installing ESXi 5.5 with RTL8111E support
In my last post, I covered my journey of finding a small, quiet, low-power virtualisation lab computer that can run nested virtualisation.
The final system
To summarise, here’s the system I ended up with, after much consideration:

Gigabyte … Read more »

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Virtualization Home Lab: Choosing a suitable computer (quiet, low power with nested virtualization support)

Recently, after about 2 years away, I’ve started to get back into Virtualisation. As part of that, like any true geek, I wanted to build a Home Lab.
I had some criteria for the homelab computer:

Must be quiet
Should be power-efficient/low power. Energy in the UK is expensive!
CPU must support Intel VT-x with EPT, and VT-d virtualisation … Read more »

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How do you explain Virtualisation?

I was just reading “Cisco’s Billion-Dollar Server Guy Has Left“, over at Business Insider, and it explains Virtualisation as:
“virtualization software tricks applications into thinking they are on their own servers, even though they are sharing one with many others”
Which is an interesting take; although I think the use of “tricks” makes it sound a lot … Read more »

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Farewell RemoteFX

I’ve spent the last few months playing with RemoteFX, including a fair amount of educated guesswork and hardware hacking to get a functioning system as – at the time – Microsoft’s documentation was a bit sporadic, and supported systems were just way too expensive for an exploration project. Mind you, even now they’re pricey; but … Read more »

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How to run vCenter Converter from vSphere Client

Yet another “not entirely obvious” VMware thing 🙂
If you want to use the VMware vCenter Converter from within the vSphere Client you need to:

Install vCenter Converter on the vSphere vCenter Server (It’s an option on the vSphere vCenter installer)

Now log onto your vSphere Client and go to:

Plugins > Manage Plugins > Install vCenter Converter Client

Once … Read more »