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How to easily deploy DisplayLink drivers

Some quick notes on how we deploy DisplayLink drivers internally here at DisplayLink. Due to our unique requirements, we don’t deploy our software via GPSI, as our Developers need to use bleeding-edge drivers, rather than the publicly released ones!
Instead we deploy them manually when setting up a PC. DisplayLink IT uses the publicly available Corporare Install … Read more »

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How to apply MSP patch files to Adobe 9.1 MSI installer

To apply the MSP patch file to an Adobe 9.1 MSI installer, try this:

Download Adobe 9.1 MSI from here:
Download the latest 9.1 MSP patch file from here (currently 9.1.3):
Put these files in the same directory.
Open up a command prompt, then navigate to that directory.
Run the following command:
msiexec /p AdbeRdrUpd913_all_incr.msp /a AdbeRdr910_en_US.msi /qb

This will … Read more »

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Adobe Reader 9.1 MSI Files

You can grab the Adobe Reader 9.1 MSI installer from here:
Other languages besides English are available by going up a directory 🙂
Now I just need to do something with the MSP files you can get from the other directories!
UPDATE: I’ve documented what to do with the MSP files

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DisplayLink MSI installer is here

Following up from my previous post, DisplayLink have just announced availability of an MSI installer for DisplayLink Software.
Check out the Press Release, or skip straight to the Corporate Install download page if you know why you want it 🙂

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DisplayLink MSI Installer is coming…

The cat’s out of the bag 🙂 If you’re geeky enough to read release notes, you may have spotted this in our 4.6 release notes:
Support for corporate deployment of DisplayLink software
It is now possible to obtain a DisplayLink software installation solution that supports automated and remote installation scenarios. This kind of installation requires specific installation … Read more »