Free IT Ops online training courses from Pluralsight until 23rd August

I thought I would share this somewhat rare event in the world of IT Training.

Running from now until the 23rd August, the online IT training provider Pluralsight are opening up 36 of their online courses for free, to anyone signing up.

Sign up

To sign up for free, go here:

What’s available?

Full list: Camp Pluralsight main page

Most relevant to those of us in IT would probably be the IT Ops track, which includes the following courses:

IT Ops



I’ve used Pluralsight both personally and professionally and really like their courses. If you get something out of this, I’d love to hear about it.

Share and enjoy 🙂

Completely free IT training resources to help diversify your IT career

Update: This page was completely updated in January 2016. Links were fixed, and new links were added.

Scope and overview

Inspired by Don Jones‘ excellent “Don’t Get Stuck in Your Job” blog post, I’ve taken some time to compile a bunch of online IT training to help people diversify their IT knowledge, for free.

This post covers a selection of free IT training that I’ve found on my travels. Topics are diverse, and include areas like: Virtualization and Cloud, Networking, Security, Linux, Storage systems, PowerShell, to Programming and Database fundamentals.

I believe that as IT Professionals, the more aspects of IT that we understand and appreciate, the better we’re able to meet the needs of business. I’d really like this to evolve into a community resource for anyone who wants to diversify their IT knowledge. If you’ve found other free IT training or resources that aren’t mentioned here, please feel free to mention it in the comments and I’ll endeavour to add it (I’m particularly interested in official training from vendors).

If you’re left wondering where on earth you’re going to get time to study all this, remember that it only takes about 20 hours to pick up a subject/skill, and that’s merely a month of Lunch-times!