How to enable Remote Desktop via Group Policy

This one had me stumped, but it’ll teach me to search the internet properly before blundering through. Even if you allow the Windows Firewall to accept Remote Desktop Connections you still need to enable Terminal Services elsewhere in the GP hierarchy. D’oh!

Here’s what you need to enable Remote Desktop remotely:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Network > Network Connections > Windows Firewall > Domain Profile > Windows Firewall: Allow Remote Desktop Exception

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Terminal Services > Allow users to connect remotely using Terminal Services

Enable both of those options and you’ll be Remote Desktop-ing into PCs by the next day 🙂 (or rather, until your Domain clients refresh their Group Policy settings ;))

How to remove hard drive from Sony SZ series

How to remove the harddrive from a Sony Vaio SZ Series notebook.

I kinda figured you’d need to remove half the chassis. Makes me appreciate just how accessible the HDDs are in most Dell laptops 🙂

Vista: The specified print monitor is unknown

The specified print monitor is unknown


When trying to install a shared network printer in Windows Vista, you get an error which states:

Windows cannot connect to the printer.
The specified print monitor is unknown.

The Cause

This is a bug in Vista. If you disable the UAC, Vista is seemingly unable to add a network printer.

The Fix

To fix this, you’ll need to install a “Performance and Reliability Update”, KB938979. Bizarrely, this update is listed as Optional by Windows Update, and so you may not have installed it. I shall refrain from commenting further on the lunacy of this 😉