Twitter Updates for 2008-10-12

  • isinteg fixed a bunch of errors. I tried a defrag with eseutil afterwards but it failed with error -1014. Seems to be a Pagefile issue… #
  • Here’s a site with an alleged solution: Gonna try resizing the page file, but the downtime isn’t cool 🙁 #

Twitter Updates for 2008-10-02

  • Seems the Dell E series Latitudes use shiny Intel ethernet chipsets, rendering my existing Windows Deployment Server boot image useless…
  • Updated the MDT 2008 distribution share with the E series drivers. Now need to rebuild the Boot WIM and then add that to WDS so I can deploy
  • Magic, it works! Now feeding this E6400 with XP Pro SP3… 🙂
  • XP Pro SP3 goes on the Dell E6400 very nicely! Just remember to install Dell System Software after a fresh deployment for full functionality

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Flat, internet, and Twitter


Moved into the flat last Friday, and am still moving bits in slowly 🙂


Should have internet installed tomorrow morning, provided Virgin Media do as they promise first time around (rare, in my experience).

Not that I care much, since I’ve been sharing a space with friends, the social interaction / Mario Karting more than supplements any online social activities I used to engage in whilst alone at home!


Also just installed Twitter + Plugin as a lot of the stuff in my head isn’t worthy of a blog post.

Stay tuned, I have a fairly useful Tech post coming up tomorrow! 🙂