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How to run vCenter Converter from vSphere Client

Yet another “not entirely obvious” VMware thing 🙂
If you want to use the VMware vCenter Converter from within the vSphere Client you need to:

Install vCenter Converter on the vSphere vCenter Server (It’s an option on the vSphere vCenter installer)

Now log onto your vSphere Client and go to:

Plugins > Manage Plugins > Install vCenter Converter Client

Once … Read more »

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VMware’s CEO responds

Paul Maritz, VMware’s CEO, has posted an explanation of the time-bomb “incident” that occurred yesterday.
It’s a sincere post, explaining what happened, why, and how VMware intend to improve their QA processes and regain customer confidence.
As someone who’s VMware fan-boyism has been tarnished by this incident, I’ll be interested to see how they’re going to go … Read more »

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VMware ESX: This product has expired

If you find you can’t Power On a virtual machine on ESX 3.5, and you’re seeing this in your error logs:
Message from This product has expired. Be sure that your host machine’s date and time are set correctly. There is a more recent version available at the VMware Web site: “”.
Then you can find … Read more »