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Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for IT Pros – Part 1

Like most IT Professionals, I use a whole array of keyboard shortcuts to speed up my working throughout the day. In this two-part series, I’ll share some of the more useful ones with you.
In this post – Part 1 – I’ll cover shortcuts I use when generally working with, and troubleshooting, Windows. In Part 2, … Read more »

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Vista: The specified print monitor is unknown

When trying to install a shared network printer in Windows Vista, you get an error which states:
Windows cannot connect to the printer.
The specified print monitor is unknown.
The Cause
This is a bug in Vista. If you disable the UAC, Vista is seemingly unable to add a network printer.
The Fix
To fix this, you’ll need to install a … Read more »

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Notes: Cracking WEP on the Windows command line with Aircrack-ng and AirPcap Tx

Finally, I’ve had time to write down my notes on using aircrack-ng with the Airpcap Tx adapter in Windows. Before you read on, please be aware that this isn’t meant to be a guide or tutorial, it’s just my notes. Thanky 🙂
Start capturing:

Fake auth:

Start attack:

Deauth (if we need ARPs):
aireplay-ng –deauth 3 -a BSSIDMAC -c CLIENTMAC … Read more »