The guys over at Metageek are gearing up to release a new version of the well-received Wi-Spy 2.4GHz spectrum analyser, which will include an SMA connector for connecting external antennas.

If you work or play with Wi-Fi networks and you’ve never heard of Wi-Spy, it’s worth checking out. Small, and affordable, Wi-Spy is a very capable wireless spectrum analyser. You just plug in the USB dongle, load up the Chanalyzer software and you’ll be seeing the 2.4GHz spectrum in no time. It’s fantastic for wireless troubleshooting (especially when your wireless network seems slow or keeps dropping out) – enabling you to confidently choose a Wi-Fi channel with less interference, as opposed to the old method of ‘blindy’ changing channels and hoping things improve.

You can find out more at my Wireless Analysis site.

If you already have Wi-Spy, what do you use it for?