It is possible to get Kismet to run on Windows without using a drone. How? Well first (and this is probably the killer) you need to have an AirPcap USB adapter and then you need to download Kismet for Windows.

What is AirPcap?

If you need to capture 802.11b/g packets in Windows, then AirPcap is your answer. Made by the guys who brought you WinPcap and Wireshark, AirPcap enables you to capture raw Wi-Fi packets in Windows. AirPcap fully integrates into Wireshark, giving you a seamless packet capture experience. Read More AirPcap…

Kismet for Windows is available from the CACE Tech website. At present, it only works with AirPcap and Kismet drones.

kismet-windows-airpcap-2007-04-12_193050.gif kismet-windows-airpcap-2007-04-12_193245.gif kismet-windows-airpcap-2007-04-12_193312.gif