Asus System Recovery Error: “No partition selected”

This is a guide for anyone who receives the “No partition selected” error when trying to run a system recovery on their Asus Laptop.

The symptoms

  1. When you try to recover your OS you get the error: “No partition selected”
  2. You converted your partitions from FAT32 to NTFS (via the little short-cut Asus kindly put on your Desktop)

The cause

The software used to recover your OS only recognises FAT32 partitions. How wonderful of you PowerQuest. It’s no wonder I use Acronis for everything now…

The solution

You need to format your target partition to FAT32. There’s a nice Open-Source boot-cd that can do that. Or you can use Acronis Disk Director or something similar.

Did this help you at all? Any questions? Feel free to leave me a comment below 🙂

By Phil Wiffen

Phil is an IT Professional working in Cambridge, England. He generally blogs about useful solutions that he comes across in his work/play.

9 replies on “Asus System Recovery Error: “No partition selected””

tenho 1 asus a7 j versao windows xp media center mas instalei o vista pa experimentar e agora nao consigo formatar o pc com os cds de recovery dele ke conteem o xp original dele kando seleciono o recovery na partiçao c: ele segue eu aceito os seguimentos mas cando vai começar a fazer o recovery aparece a dizer powerquest error eu ponho fix ele segue depois diz virus e nao avança mais

I have that same error, but I can’t run Windows, so if I have to convert the partition to FAT32, I have to do it though ms-dos… Do you know how I can do that? Thanks

I have a Gateway laptop, and I put one of my PS2 games on it and this blue screen came up saying things and restart your computer, and then went i restarted it, the Gateway logo came up, and then a black screen would come and then it would say (Operating System not found, failure check cable, and stuff like that. So I need help with fixing it.

Camille, you should really call Gateway and see if they can help you. It sounds like either your Windows is gone, or the Master Boot Record is corrupt and needs fixing/rebuilding. You may need to use the Recovery discs to reinstall Windows from scratch 🙁

Was worried the computer was dead. The problem was complicated mess but the answer here was so very easy. Well done for such an easy resolution

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