Putty now supports Serial COM connections

This is pretty cool: Whilst searching for an alternative to HyperTerminal that supports Serial Port connections, I discovered that PuTTY now connects to Serial COM ports as well as the usual SSH/Telnet stuff 😀

As a business you can’t use HyperTerminal Private Edition unless you pay a licence fee; and now that Microsoft has removed HyperTerminal from Windows Vista, finding an Open Source, free-for-commercial-use, replacement for HyperTerminal is invaluable for budget constrained IT departments.

Download PuTTY here

It also seems that Poderosa support Serial comms with a plugin, which I wasn’t aware of until reading this blog post.

What do you use instead of HyperTerminal? I’d love to hear about any programs I’ve missed! 🙂

By Phil Wiffen

Phil is an IT Professional working in Cambridge, England. He generally blogs about useful solutions that he comes across in his work/play.

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