Today’s post marks the start of what I hope to be a regular feature: A summary of the links I found most interesting today. There’ll be a heavy tech focus, but I’ll also be wandering into Science and other diversions as this progresses!

Anyway, on to the day’s links…


Firefox address bar tweak (Stops ‘Highlight URL’)
When clicking on the address bar in Firefox, by default, it highlights the entire URL. As a web-developer, nothing is more annoying than having to click multiple times on the address bar to modify a URL. This tweak solves that problem, allowing you to get cursor focus where you need it, first time.

3 launches tenner-a-month data
About time… the cost of mobile data in the UK has been astronomical until now! attack steals user data
Major security breach at – around 1.6million records stolen.

Wikipedia Spin Tracker
Very clever use of publicly available data to work out who’s spinning what, from where.


Tech-savvy young lack basic literacy skills
This article highlights some things that I believe anyone wishing to stand out from the crowd needs: An understanding of business operations (and how IT facilitates business), and a grasp of basic language skills (particularly writing, spelling and grammar). No one in business is going to take you seriously if you ‘tlk lyk dis’.