A friend of a friend just started work at Red Gate in Cambridge. I’ve heard about them before, when they won a Best Small Companies to Work For award last year; and from looking at their website, it’s clear to see why.

Here’s some things that stand out for me (and that a lot of companies can learn from):

  • Their site is insanely easy to navigate – and crucially, it’s easy to identify where you are in the site infrastructure.
  • The fact that Red Gate’s career pages give a completely transparent view inside the company.
  • Red Gate has ethics, and gives back to the community – and helps employees to do so
  • The principles behind the Feel Good Fund, not to mention things like Massages, yoga, and the feel good fridge!
  • Red Gate has quiet areas. Open Plan offices are fantastic, but sometimes you just need to lock down and concentrate without any chance of interruption.

What do you think makes a good company?