Smart Car parked in Cambridge side-street

A Smart Car, neatly parked down a back street in Cambridge, UK, close to DisplayLink’s UK office. Taken this morning, although I’ve seen it parked like this a few times during the week 🙂

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Written by Phil Wiffen

Phil is an IT Professional working in Cambridge, England. He generally blogs about useful solutions that he comes across in his work/play.


Daniel Howard

That is cute, but I would think it preferable to be bumped by other parallel parkers on the bumper rather than the door.


Phil Wiffen

Good point Daniel. From memory, I think that the doors on the Smart Car are plastic, so the risk of damage is somewhat reduced 🙂


I have a friend in “parking enforcement”, and she would class that as being outside the box and therefore parked illegally. Just a warning, she is Camden council though, and they might be less strict in cambs

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