How did I end up here?

Sometimes, I just casually cruise around LinkedIn, seeing who knows who, and where they work – often clicking off to company and personal websites. Occasionally, I might stumble across something interesting. To show what I mean, here’s something I found just a few minutes ago:

  1. LinkedIn has company data on DisplayLink.
  2. We’re in the same building as NetBanx, so I check them out.
  3. I see that I’m somehow linked to a few employees (mainly via our Techincal Recruiter, but also via contacts I made while out job hunting way back when).
  4. I click on someone to see how they’re linked to me.
  5. This guy has a personal site, which I check out.
  6. Ooh, his front page mentions a nice usability tidbit that I wasn’t aware of, and credits the source
  7. I check the source
  8. Discover that the source also makes a verrrry nice looking AWstats “wrapper” that I’m just forwarding to my colleague, as some of our marketing guys use AWstats for Web Analytics.

Crazy stuff eh? 🙂

By Phil Wiffen

Phil is an IT Professional working in Cambridge, England. He generally blogs about useful solutions that he comes across in his work/play.

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It’s a small world. We work in the same building, I sit next to the guy mentioned in point 5), yet I find you from my referrer logs living on a hard disk rapidly rotating somewhere in California. 🙂

Nice blog. Thank you very much for the kind words re: my JAWStats project, it is appreciated.

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