So far today I’ve upgraded 3 BlackBerries from v4.2 software to v4.5. One of the more usefulfeatures in 4.5 is the ability to view Free/Busy times on the handheld. It’s because of this feature that I’m rolling it out to key BB users. At the moment I’m doing it manually via USB/Desktop Manager, but I’ll investigate OTA/Automated updates later on 🙂

You can get the latest OS for your BB from the crackberry forums. Just click on your BlackBerry model range and within that forum, stickied at the top will be downloads for the various models. The forums include upgrade instructions – very handy for newbs like me! 🙂 As an example, here’s a link for the latest BB OS for the Curve 8310.

As an aside, when testing the procedure, I set myself up on a BB. Bad move, and now I know why people call them CrackBerries – they’ve insanely addictive! I promptly deleted myself once testing was over to preserve my sanity 🙂