64-bit Touchpad Driver for Dell Latitude laptops

It’s not shown on the Dell Driver download pages, but if you need the 64-bit touchpad drivers for the Latitude “D” Series laptops, you can grab it here:

Download Dell 64-bit Touchpad Driver for Vista and Windows 7

Alternative link: http://ftp.dell.com/input/R157047.EXE

The Driver should work on the following laptops:

Dell Latitude D430
Dell Latitude D630
Dell Latitude D830

By Phil Wiffen

Phil is an IT Professional working in Cambridge, England. He generally blogs about useful solutions that he comes across in his work/play.

17 replies on “64-bit Touchpad Driver for Dell Latitude laptops”

1. How did you find this?

2. Why isn’t listed at Dell’s driver download site?

3. It works perfectly.

I searched high and low for a newer version of this driver. After much research, this is the only one that works with my Dell Latitude D830 Windows 7 64 bit Laptop. Thank you for this post and the link!! I now have control to disable the Pointing Stick, and have Touchpad Scrolling capabilities!!
Thanks Again!

Hi Phil,
i might need your help about the driver. the link is broken and i can’t find it anywhere. could you please help?

btw i’m using d531 on win7 x64.

Just installed this driver on D630 on windows 10 technical preview. Works as needed! I’m always happy to be able to disable tap-to-click, and the scroll region is nice to have as well.

Just wanted to say that after hours of beating on my old Dell D620 with Win7 64 Ultimate trying to get the right drivers for the ALPS touchpad, this is the only solution that worked. THANKS!

How long does it take for Dell to block this link? Why does Dell block links?
I tried to download the touchpad driver as I need to turn it off. I had a good driver on my Dell Vostro and when it conflicted with my mouse [as they do[ there was a very good program to turn it off. I chose to keep it off and not alternate with mouse giving mouse the default. Now I have one option : lift up the keyboard and unlink the ribbon from the touchpad. Inelegant yes but the Latitude D 630/620 has an easy sub keyboard access.

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