Theo Priestly, on the value of rebels:

The trouble with SMEs is that they are invariably as stuck in their ways as any of us are. They know their part of business inside out for sure, to the letter in fact sometimes, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Because it invites constraint, lack of creative thinking, rigidity. Comfort.

The trick has always been to spot the ones bending and breaking the rules or process. They’re the ones that will champion the business to change. Not SMEs.

Rebels are rule-benders and rule-breakers who are more tuned into the art of the possible.

Why Every Organization Needs A Rebel

One thing I’ve learned in 4 years of working in a Fortune 500: Stay curious, keep up to date on emerging technologies, and don’t be afraid to bend the rules. Just make sure you don’t put anyone’s nose out of joint 🙂