Unikernels are going to shake-up the Docker/Container world, in a really good way. They’ll make containers more efficient, faster and more secure. What’s not to love? While I don’t work with Unikernels, I am very curious about them. Below, I’ve summarised some resources that may help if you want to learn more about Unikernels. Share and enjoy 🙂

From a tech journalist

Chris Williams, over at The Register has a really good write up on what Unikernels are, how they work, and what they mean for Containers (including Docker) going forward. Well worth a read if you’re curious about this kind of thing!

Docker bags unikernel gurus – now you can be just like Linus Torvalds

From one of the developers

Amir Chaudhry has a nice presentation available:

Thanks to Raseel for sharing this

Official Unikernel page

There’s also some additional reading here: Unikernel Resources