Getting the Bosch Accelerometer to work on Chuwi Hi 8 Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

The short version

If you get the error “Device cannot start” on your Bosch Accelerometer in Device Manager on a Chuwi Hi 8 after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, try this:

  1. Get the 32-bit Hi 8 Pro and Vi 8 Pro drivers. Look for the text “Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dualboot driver_32bit download”
  2. Install the driver in the ??-gravity folder
  3. Double-check that the driver didn’t get a “cannot start” error
  4. Reboot

This device may also be known as:

  • ACPI\BOSC0200
  • BMA2x2

The longer version

AKA, how to fix the rotation and orientation feature in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition on Chuwi Hi 8.

I recently wiped my Chuwi Hi 8 tablet so that I could install Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. AE won’t install via Windows Update, because it requires more disk space than is available on a dual-boot Chuwi Hi 8.

After grabbing the Drivers from the official source and installing them, I had one “Unknown Device” in Device Manager with the Hardware ID BOSC0200. Eventually I managed to force install the G-SENSOR driver provided by Chuwi from the link above, but the device would never start, meaning the auto-rotation feature would never work.

This means that the Rotation/Orientation feature of Windows 10 won’t work. Your tablet will be stuck in Portrait mode unless you manually rotate it in the Settings > Display.

After a few days and many hours of trying to source a driver that would work, I finally discovered that if you download the Hi8 Pro model’s drivers labelled Driver: Chuwi Hi8 Pro Dualboot driver_32bit download” from here, and install the driver that’s inside the folder ??-gravity” – it works!


By Phil Wiffen

Phil is an IT Professional working in Cambridge, England. He generally blogs about useful solutions that he comes across in his work/play.

2 replies on “Getting the Bosch Accelerometer to work on Chuwi Hi 8 Windows 10 Anniversary Edition”

I’m sooooooooooo tempted to say “Not my problem” – because it isn’t 😛 It’s Chuwi’s problem that their own dropbox links (which I deliberately don’t link to) are dead and they need to be pressured to fix it. Me uploading stuff is just working around the problem rather than Chuwi fixing the problem for everyone.

Anyway, I’ve uploaded what I think is the right driver here. I’ll remove it soon, because I should be linking to the source.!s95mSR5C!6952uQlRh7vJMoENZbpxGy3qdovF1TOB669j1UikMZs

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