Wanted to share a quick PowerShell code snippet.

I used this to get a Bearer Token from the Citrix Cloud API trust service using PowerShell.

It’s not beautiful, but it gets the job done.


You’ll need:

  1. The clientID and clientSecret from your Citrix Cloud customer API client (how to do that is here)
  2. Your customerID for your Citrix Cloud instance

Then put those in-between the relevant quotation marks in the code snippet 🙂

$customerID = "yourcustomerID"
$clientID = "yourclientID"
$clientSecret = "yourclientSecret"

PowerShell code snippet

$customerID = "yourcustomerID"
$uri = "https://trust.citrixworkspacesapi.net/$customerID/tokens/clients"
$clientID = "yourclientID"
$clientSecret = "yourclientSecret"
#create a hash table for the body and headers: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/microsoft.powershell.core/about/about_hash_tables?view=powershell-7
$body = @{ 
"ClientId" = "$clientID";
"ClientSecret" = "$clientSecret";
$headers = @{ 
"Accept" = "application/json";
"Content-Type" ="application/json";
#must convert the body to JSON, otherwise you get error "Invoke-RestMethod : {"message":"The request is invalid.","modelState":{"credentials":["An error has occurred."]}}"
#To show the whole response, comment out the next line and use this instead: Invoke-RestMethod -Method 'Post' -Uri $uri -Body (ConvertTo-Json $body) -Headers $headers
$getBearerToken = Invoke-RestMethod -Method 'Post' -Uri $uri -Body (ConvertTo-Json $body) -Headers $headers
$bearerToken = $getBearerToken.token
Write-Host "Your Authorization header is:"
$authHeader = "CwsAuth Bearer=$bearerToken"
Write-Host "$authHeader