WTF is Kabri?

Kabri is the Mauritian Creole word for Goat. Goats are intelligent, inquisitive, often found roaming in places they shouldn’t and aren’t afraid to climb up sheer cliff faces to get to the good stuff. Basically, the key traits of any IT professional 😉

Alright, and you are?

Hello! My name’s Phil. I’m an IT Professional working in Cambridge, England.

I’ve been using PCs from a very young age. Mostly breaking them to begin with, and then gradually learning and understanding how to fix what I’d broken. And here I am today 🙂

My perspectives and experiences come from having worked in companies of differing sizes and dynamics: from small family run companies and rapidly growing Start-ups, to Fortune 500 organisations.

I have a keen interest in Virtualisation and Storage, complemented by a broad interest in the way IT interacts and communicates with the rest of the business. My main/current areas of expertise are rarely focused purely on technology, and mostly involve enabling Engineers to create better products, faster; and helping teams to collaborate more effectively.

You can find out more about me on LinkedIn:
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This site

This site is an attempt to re-balance the universe. After years of milking the internet for IT knowledge, I thought it was about time I gave something back to the community.

I mainly use this blog to jot down anything I come across in my work/play that I think may be useful to other people. If any of it helps you out, feel free to comment. A quick hello is always welcome 🙂


I spend my working hours at a fabless-semiconductor company in Cambridge.

Still curious?

If you’d like to know more about me, you can find bits of my life dotted around the web:


The section below was written many years ago. I’ll keep it for prosperity 😉

My bookshelf includes a lot of titles

Ah, books. Whenever I’m interested in a subject, I often check out some online resources and then dive onto Amazon and buy a few recommended books on the subject. DisplayLink’s been great as well – frequently purchasing books that will help me work more effectively or progress my career.

Currently reading


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